Branding & Franchising Programs

We offer One Stop Solution service to our customers who want to set up their own store by providing detailed operational instructions, recipes, design and full local training.

Our Brands

BK Korea franchising portfolio consists of several unique and trendy brands. There has never been a better time to join BK Korea family and start your franchise store.


1. Support System

Purpose of business set-up
Verify personal information

2. Decision Making

Store location decision
Research & analysis of region/area

3. Signing Contract

Signing franchise agreement
Contract deposit

4. Starting Construction​

Begin design and construction
Prepare permits and documents

5. Training​

Operation training
Menu training

6. Soft Opening​

Kitchen and materials set-up
Raw materials set-up

7. Grand Opening

Opening ceremony
Send out press release
Invite media/press

8. Post Opening

Management of ROI
Product development
Marketing strategy

Brand Identity Design

BK Korea is full-service design and branding company focusing on restaurants, coffee-shops, and dessert cafes brand identity development. Providing total solution of multiple projects in food related business BK KOREA expanding market over 45 countries. All the brands and projects are strictly observed and performed by professional management team. We adapt our brand concepts and recipes to local cuisine in order to make it ore appealed to local market.

Business Consulting Fee

Provide the whole concept from A-Z based on clients ideas. From planning to opening processes including ROI , Costing and expanding plan.

Menu Photo Work & Manual Work

Provide outstanding and good quality photos of menus for brands, signage and CI,BI work called brands manual booklet, operational and recipe booklet.

Local Training Fee

Provide professional training team for local training from preparing to opening. Training will including basic operation, menu and manual training for business. 2-3 professional trainers will stay 7-10 days in local transfer know-how from A-Z to make successful brands.

Social Marketing Layout Design

Design full concept of Facebook and design for whole layout. Manage social media work for 1 month and transfer account to clients

Store Design Work

Provide from store layout to CAD design for the construction for the space.

General Equipment and Ingredients for opening

Provide full lists of equipment will be used for store, import & local purchase items.

Cost of Equipment

Provide the best equipment including highest quality bingsu machine from BARSKOREA.

Our Projects

bek cambodia
Project name:

BeK Korea

The first BeK Dessert Cafe was opened in downtown Phnom Penh on August 2016. Because of the high demand from the public, the second store was opened the next month not far from the first location. BeK Cambodia main location offers wide selection of menu starting from bingsu and coffee drinks to pasta, pizza, and fresh bakery.

seol bang
bek cambodia
Project name:

BeK Korea

BeK Australia Premium Dessert Cafe is a hospitality company dedicated in providing high-quality desserts in a comfortable atmosphere for customers who seek a fun “GOURMET” experience outside restaurant.

seol bang
bek cambodia
Project name:


Opened on December 2016 Seol Bang quickly became one of the most popular bingsu stores in all Manila. BARSKOREA team visited Seol Bang store right before opening to train staff and prepair for Grand Opening. Our team designed menu which includes Korean snow dessert – bingsu, coffee drinks, soft drinks, korean food and snacks.

seol bang
bek cambodia
Project name:


Located in Vancouver Sulmida is well known cafe among snow dessert (aka bingsu) lovers. Wide selection of menu including bingsu, Korean honey bread, coffee and various drinks makes Sulmida ideal place to spend time with Your friends and loved ones.

seol bang
premium dessert cafe, be.k cafe
Bing box
Snow dessert cafe, Sulmida
Korean restaurant meokbang
Korean bingsu cafe, Sobang
Dessert cafe, bej cafe