Branding Partner

BK KOREA is the sister company of BARSKOREA established in 1997 – the leading manufacturer of snow ice machine from Korea. It is an incubating corporation specializing on food and beverages business. We offer franchising and branding opportunities not only for Korean Bingsu and desserts, but also food


With more than 17 years of success, BARSKOREA is recognized as Number One manufacturer of Snow Ice machines in the world. Be K cafe is a growing network of Bingsu stores and Korean dessert cafe offering only the highest quality of snow desserts and drinks.

We do not only offer the bingsu cafe franchising system, but also all the necessary equipment, ingredients and materials. We are the best choice franchise brand for Korean snow dessert restaurant. Operators looking to expand their local cafe market share or successful franchisees seeking to diversify their portfolio with a proven high revenue brand.


Wonmi-gu, Jomaru-ro 405, 3F,
Gyeonggi-do, Bucheon city, 14559 Republic of korea(South Korea)
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Bing box
bek BBQ
P.O coffee
Korean bingsu cafe, Sobang