MeokBang Korean BBQ & BAR

Our Story

MeokBang Korean BBQ & BAR is a brand established in June 2014, owned by Fulum Group (Hong Kong).

A slang popular among the Korean people, the term 'meaokbang' refers to people who love to eat. MeokBang aims to provide a place where friends come together to enjoy food and drinks. Offering our customers an authentic experience of Korean barbecue in a relaxed place where they can enjoy a wide range of Korean cuisine dishes.

MeokBang Korean BBQ & BAR specializes in Korean cuisine. MeokBang is the first Hong Kong restaurant importing Korean Beef (Hanwoo) directly from Korea. Also, MeokBang is the first restaurant importing crab marinated in soy sauce and Jeju octopus. Offering special appetizers, free refill of cheese and eggs and also different snow ice Desserts Corporation with BK KOREA, MeokBang serves every customer with the best quality service, let customers feel like the same when dining at BBQ restaurant in Korea.

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Business Profile

Business Profile

Our target customers are the youngest who love Korean culture and also fashionable customers which enjoy life such as white-collar office workers income group (18-50). $25-50 per person, dining time about 2hours. Korean love BBQ, so the BBQ board is extremely important. Apart from traditional Korean cuisine, MeokBang also pay attention to BBQ food items and different tyoes of seafood. MeokBang aims to serve every customer with the best quality service, let customers feeling like the same when dining at BBQ restaurant in Korea.



  • Simple, Korean style, large dining space
  • Half-body fence, mainly booth seats, have individual spaces, suitable for many people dining together
  • Intimate design including specially made chairs where customers can put their personal belongings underneath

MeokBang Korean BBQ & BAR

Working hours

Monday- Sunday 9:00-22:30 Hrs
Holidays OFF

We are here

Address: Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, Hennessy Rd,
502號號 6F Goldmark
Phone: +852 2725 5718
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